Market Your Event with our Photo Booth

Market Your Event with our Photo Booth

What if it was as easy as taking silly photos and spreading the word through organic traffic, having others share the photos to spread your message. It costs way less than spending money on Facebook or Google ads to reach more people. Customized with your branding message and match the theme to promote your event, we can set it up to automatically send out every image taken on the photo booth out to twitter if you really want to get the word out. 

Guests can text their photos directly to their phones from the photo booth. What this means for your event, many of the photos will be posted on the various social media. Show casing your event logo, cause and message. 

It’s additional word of mouth marketing, being seen by way more people than just those who attend. This is a great way to build up the event for next year, it’s also great to have the photos that you can use after to promote the event following the event. This will not only broaden your reach on various social networks, it’s a great ROI for any function. If you’re asking for donations at the event or looking to get donations afterwards, we can include the link to your fundraising page so that you attendees will have an opportunity to donate. 

Fundraisers really can benefit about getting the word out with a kickoff party with the photo booth. Imagine all the times everyone is gathered around trying to figure out how to get the word out for a certain event. 

Each text message can contain your message, plus a website to receive donations for the cause. It will not only entertain your guests; it can be a great sponsorship idea to help raise even more money for your cause. Co-branding with another business or sponsor will help you both out increasing your reach throughout the community in which you’re trying to reach. 

If you’re looking to rent a photo booth in Vermont, New York or New England please let us help you solve and be part of the solution to your event marketing problems. 

            If you’re looking for event photography that doesn’t consist of a photo booth, we’ve got you covered over at B. Farnum Photography. Photographing for Killington Mountain Resort, Rutland Regional Medical Center to name a few. 

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